Two Sides To One Coin

Coronavirus can sometimes show you the best and worst of humanity

-Doris Ngai


Dear blog, today is the 14th of March, this time last year I was celebrating Valentines Day with Ryan at Las Vegas. Time truly flies by when you are having fun. I am currently sitting at Starbucks and my goal for today is to finish up 2000 words for my essay. I want to make my essay perfect. Next weekend, I will be in Hong Kong going through my essay plans and treating myself with good food. Anyhow, the topic for today that I have decided to talk about is the coronavirus. Of course, you may be wondering why I, a non-expert is talking about the virus as of course I do not know anything in particular of the virus, however, I can give you my perspectives on the coronavirus from a sociological point of view. I was reading the news last night, and one article caught my eye of how Italians are singing on their balcony’s during this time of the Coronavirus to defy the virus, because we should fight the virus together and not each other. The virus does not give two damns about your nationality, your skin colour, your sexual preferences or religion, it affects everyone who comes close to it. I think there are always two sides to a coin, when situations get real, you see the worst side of humanity (racism, xenophobic behaviour), and of course, on the flip-side, you are see the best side of humanity, people in Wuhan singing outside of their buildings, elevating each other’s morale, vibrating on a higher level and I think that what makes human beings so amazing.


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