Coronavirus & Racism

I am always a huge believer of the saying: “Real situations expose fake people". I remember my friend once recommended me a film, the train to Busan and apparently its about human nature. Yes, I believe it’s normal for people to act out or be competitive with each other because let us be honest, we are all the winner sperm, however, who’s the fastest sperm in the world? God knows. I find it interesting how people are only starting to realise how racist and mean human beings can be, I have already accepted the fact that human beings are assholes since, year 4. I have also accepted the fact that racism has existed since the start of man-kind, as long as there are categories, there will be hierarchy, whether we do it consciously or sub-consciously. Yet, I think it’s funny because 5 weeks ago, people were reposting #bekind, yet 5 weeks forward, you see people being racist towards Asians, why can’t people of colour (i.e everyone who isn’t white just stand up for ourselves and put these racist in their shoes for once? ) Coronavirus isn’t the reason to be racist towards Asians, because the virus doesn’t respect borders, you skin colour, ethnicity, religious beliefs, sexuality or whether or not you are a vegan, so our realist enemy here is suppose to be the virus itself and not each other. If you can’t wrap this concept around your head, well I am sorry, but you are even worse than a fucking virus. Yes, I will walk around in a face mask because I am doing it out of respect of you, my surrounding, but also it is a form of prevention. I am smart, asians are smart, we are always one step ahead of the game. This is 2020, and what a convenient time for non-whites to be A game, so you can’t bring us down without our permission, in the end, we are all going to die, so I will live my life being true to myself, living life to the fullest, being the person that I am meant to be and not caring about what other people have to say. In the name of our lord,



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