‘Are U Really Happy?’

Dear blog, today is the 6th of March Friday.

I am currently sitting in the Learning Commons typing up this article instead of doing work because being angry get’s me to think and reflect on a lot of the things in my life and the amount of shit that I put up with. The funniest part is, society teaches you to love yourself, because in the end, you are all you’ve got right? However, I am 22, and at this age, you really have to start to get your shit sorted. I have uni. I thought I would spend three happy years (oh wait, umass was pretty bomb), liking my experiences and the friend’s that I make and I am starting to question whether I am just a weak ass motherfucker who can’t deal with pain because i’ve been so protected all my life, or am I just unlucky in the sense that I haven’t met the right people? Honestly, I hate stupid and depressed girls, so I would rather make the conscious choice of being alone, than surrounding myself with a bunch of losers who are messy and don’t have their shit figured out. We live for 100 years and then we die right? Is that it?

I am not happy at university, and my mental health is clearly not great.



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