Heathrow Terminal 2

Blog entry #1

It is currently 11:49am, currently waiting for my gate number to be announced. The live band sang sweet child of mine just now and now they are currently singing stand by me. I love the kind of services they are offering to Heathrow passengers, because as we all know, airport people are usually in a hurry and bitchy, we need this kind of service to keep calm. I think music can really have a positive effect on people, it helps improve your mood. I had a short phone call session with my dad, he is still under the 14 ay quarantine, and apparently people track you down by calling you to make sure you are at home where you should be, or they check the surveillance cameras. I know my dad is an introvert, so I bet he’s enjoying his time at home doing some readings, tv and just making the most out of his time. Life is really good, the airport live band are playing really old songs. Hey Jude ❤ I am a 21st century kid, but listening songs from the 50s gets me into a really nostalgic mood.. maybe I was meant for a different time period. The two elderly fell asleep cause I guess the song is so good and calming. I should really be doing actual work, but I guess enjoying and making the most out of my youth/ young adult life is better. It is currently 11:55am, and I will check in soon.




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