A Brutally Honest Opinion About My Time At The University of Manchester

It is currently 1:30pm, I am sitting in the learning commons typing up this blog instead of being productive and doing my readings. My goal for today is to finish up all my readings and start planning out what to write for my essay before I head off to the states next week. I will also read a chapter of a novel that I had recently purchased so I can convince myself that I am a very productive and motivated person. Hopefully, I will also have some time to start applying for internships for this upcoming summer. The university of Manchester is a top 30 university in the Qs world ranking, sounds impressive? But here are some of the most brutally honest opinion that I have to say about the university and I refuse to hold back my words. There are two sides to everything, and so I will give you a brutally honest opinion of how I feel about my university. Again these are only my own personal opinion, so if you don’t agree to what I have to say here, there is an exit page on the top left corner that you can click out if you wish to.

  1. I am doing sociology, and my course is definitely NOT worth 18k a year, considering I only have 8 contact hours per week and the professors are always going on strike. Y’all tried and failed in the first year, so surely think of other ways to protest and not negatively impact your students, I want my money back. (Or else I am suing)
  2. The SU is shit, and you don’t really get a campus feel, so it makes it harder to meet people if you don’t actively put yourself out and have iffy flatmates.
  3. Manchester is a nice affordable city, but if you are like me and you like the hustle and bustle and less of the industrial-ness of the city, then I would suggest London
  4. If you want to dive into the English culture, i’m afraid Manchester is simply not the place to be, there are more Chinese speaking students here than English speaking people here. *Not surprised at all
  5. The student accommodation isn’t the best, meaning you can pay for so much less for a better and more decent accommodation in a different city. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Manchester, and (unpopular opinion), but I effing love dwell MSV accommodation, especially as I live in the city center and I only pay 120 per week. I heard denmark road halls are really good, but you have to pay extra for the accommodation



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