How To Cultivate True Happiness

Today is the 24th of November, Sunday, 12:38pm.

I went to church today and I could not feel happier, I learnt not judge others before fixing my own problems and my own mistakes. I would not be happy if I were somebody else’s topic, then what makes me think it is ok for me to judge others. Before judging other people, understand that no one’s perfect and everyone makes mistakes.

  1. Practice gratitude ( Name 10 things that you are grateful for in life and really feel grateful for those things) If you find that task difficult, imagine your life without those things you feel grateful for, and what your life outcomes might be like.
  2. Be kind to those around you, even those you don’t really like
  3. Pray to God and smile
  4. Fake being happy til you actually feel happy
  5. Get a pet
  6. Listen to upbeat music and subliminal high frequency music
  7. Go to the gym and workout for an hour straight and plan a goal for yourself, for instance when I go to the gym, I tell myself that I am going to work out for 30 minutes straight non-stop, and actually stick to your goal and DON’T STOP YOU ARE ALMOST THERE
  8. Go to church, and believe in something
  9. Read more self-help books and get your-self a nice cup of coffee
  10. Eat Green and go green


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