My Clubbing Pet-Peeves

The night is still young my friends (Lit Nightclub Amherst)

This picture was taken right before I came close to blacking out, puking my guts out on the streets and waking up on my bedroom floor the next day completely unaware of what the hell has just happened the night before, no I am not making this up, I am being completely and 100% honest with you. This also happen to land on my second week at Amherst, United States.Oh that morning feeling of regret, if you know you know. P.S It was before superbowl, so everyone was pumped up as hell.

I am 21, which means I am legally legal to drink wherever I go in the world. Isn’t it ironic though when you think about it, that when you are actually at the legal age to drink, you choose not to drink even though you can do so without a fake id? I guess it’s no longer cool to drink when you’re legal, since people might think you are another 15 year old underage. Since, I guess I am at an old age, at least older than most of the youngsters partying on the streets, I have picked up a few do’s and dont’s and things I just absolutely hate about clubbing. If you are not about that negativity, then I suggest you to click out of my blog asap before your ass gets offended. If you are, well my friend, enjoy and feel free to leave your comment and opinion on the comment section down below because I am so willing to hear from you and what you have to say about this whole clubbing culture. Without further ado, lets just get straight into this chat…

These are just some of a few things that I picked up along my journey as a chronic clubber if you will. I sort of just picked out a few things I hate about the clubbing culture, but please don’t get me wrong, I love clubbing a lot, I love the music and I enjoy jamming to songs that get my blood pumped up. However, the older I get, the easier I find that I get irked by homo-sapiens. For instance,

  1. I find that female bar-tenders tend to be bitchy towards female customers

So this is the absolute first thing I cannot stand at a club. Maybe I just have a nrbf, short for natural resting bitch face, but I am usually really friendly and polite to servers because I have been there done that. However, I don’t really understand when female bartenders choose to serve men first, then turn to you and give you the “idontwannaserveyoubutiwantagoodtipfromyou"look. (Is it just me then, or ladies, do you guys ever go through the same experience as I do?)

2. Girls that think you are out for their man

The second one is an odd one that I find incredibly annoying, but then again, I am at a club, I mean what can I expect right? Occasionally, you get overly drunk girls that hate on you cuz you dancing near their men, but when you got your own boo and they give you a nasty look and try to push you away but bumping onto you constantly when you are dancing back to back with them.


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