I Compiled A List Of Things I Wish To Complete Before College Starts

It is currently 6:00pm, which means work is officially over for me today. I heard there’s protest and some fighting going on over at North Point at the moment. I have decided to compile a LIST of things I wish to accomplish before heading back to the UK for third year.

  1. Finish my XYZ package
  2. Finish my blog and finesse it
  3. Lose 5 KG before heading to Phuket
  4. Start my new Tarot Chanel on Youtube (Both English and Chinese)
  5. Get my Nails done (either purple or orange before heading to China this weekend)
  6. At least complete 3 more days of restaurant shifts
  7. Start a new flute song and practice for 20 minutes each day
  8. Do planks for a minute straight
  9. Start saving and start a clear face routine
  10. Eat more greens and be more healthy



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