The Ultimate Pet-Peeves Of A Server

“I think everyone should try working in the food and beverages industry at least once in their life, so you know how to treat people with respect and how NOT to be an asshole."

My first ever paid job in my life was as a part-time waitress. Yes, I have been working part-time in the food and beverages industry for almost 3 years now. The first place I worked at was a place called: “Han Dynasty".

1. Overly picky customers.

The one’s that come into the shop and say to you: " I want an omelette but I don’t want eggs, ham or sausages in it, because I’m a vegan and I have food allergy. Honey you might as well eat air.

2. Customer’s that just let’s their kid do whatever they want.

3. Rude Customers that think they are better than their server. Excuse me, we are human beings too? Duh?

4. Customer’s that don’t tip at all even when your service was bomb ass-f and they are wearing a Rolex watch. Homie I see what you did there.


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