How To Be Happy (The Most Important Way)

7 Billion homo-sapius’s on this planet, we speak different languages, hold different cultural values and beliefs, different sexual orientations and different skin color, but I bet every single one of us is seeking for one thing in common, and that is happiness. I mean let’s be real, who doesn’t want to be happy? Happiness is an amazing feeling, it gives us butterflies in our stomach to the point where we want to throw up because we are so excited and happy and the sense of euphoria is just so over-whelming… Right? But here’s the trick to happiness and it might catch some of you by surprise. The KEY to happiness is accepting shitty situations. Yes I repeat myself, the KEY TO HAPPINESS IS WHEN YOU ACCEPTED THAT LIFE IS GREAT BUT SUFFERING IS THE ROOT AND THE PURPOSE OF OUR LIFE. I bet you are probably close to clicking out of my blog because the whole sound of this blog is just overly pessimistic isn’t it? Well, here’s the catch, avoiding suffering is a negative experience within itself, and accepting a negative situation is a positive experience in itself. It’s like, if I tell you the color blue, you probably have an image of a blue sky, or the color blue in your head straight away, and the more you resist thinking of the color of the concept, the more it haunts you. However, if you just let it be, sometimes that’s the best solution to end the suffering. To end pain and to end suffering, you have to just ACCEPT that life is suffering, and we are all put on this planet to learn, to be blessed and to help others because that is the main purpose of our lives, is to experience something, and help others to get out of the situation. I would consider myself to be an incredibly optimistic person. Do things get to me? Well of course they do, and often times, things do get to you but you know what? That is completely fine because that is part of life and we are all simply just :" homo-sapius. Although im 21, and I know my journey is long and I still have alot of lessons to learn in the meantime, I would love to share with all my lovely viewers how I maintain a positive heart and stay upbeat with things don’t really turn my way.

  1. Pray and understand that the universe if rigged in your favor; ALWAYS. If you are losing a friend, it’s because you may not have seen it but they were toxic, but God saw right through the shit and put some distance between you and the person.


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