21 Lessons I have Learnt By 21

  1. Everything happens for a reason. Just because you do not understand or see the reason behind it now, it will re-surface to you one day and you’ll be glad it happened the way it did.
  2. Just because it feels bad, doesn’t mean it’s bad. Just because it feels great, doesn’t mean its great.
  3. College, grades and a certificate aren’t everything, but they do open up a lot of doors for you.
  4. Time heals everything, and don’t force anything that is not meant to happen.
  5. Do it now. Sometimes later, means never.
  6. Other people’s opinion of you isn’t going to cut the cheque for you, why care? They aren’t God and they are proabably insecure about something in their life if they want to talk crap about you.
  7. Be kind to servers, servers are people too.
  8. Even a 2 dollar tip is better than nothing.
  9. The more you step outside of your comfort zone, the more you will be less afraid of the obstacles to come.
  10. Saying no doesn’t make you less nice of a person, you just learn to stop being a pushover by others.
  11. Failure is also a blessing in disguise.
  12. It’s better to spend your money on travelling than spending it on designer.
  13. Walk while you can.
  14. Not all lost-friendships are a loss, always remember that. Some people a blessing, some a lesson.
  15. People will surprise you. People you had never gotten the chance to talk to might come into your life, and the friends that you thought was going to be your best friend forever may leave you.
  16. You give less fucks as you grow older, but petty drama still happens in the workplace.
  17. Learn a new language when you can
  18. Saving is more important than earning
  19. Accepting a negative experience is also a positive experience within itself.
  20. If you have the chance to study abroad, or do a semester exchange abroad, do it. You will see the world in a different perspective and meet different kinds of people that will open up your perspective.
  21. Only compare with who you were yesterday



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