The Perks and the Murks of Studying Abroad

“If there is a magical time-machine with “reset" on it, I would do it all over again in a heart-beat"

Doris Ngai

I don’t even know whether murks is even a word, but I keep hearing Murky waters, and plus that word rhymes really well with perks, so I thought to myself, why not, I should just give it a go and find a phrase that the reader “i.e you in this case" can remember so vividly.

On the 14th of January 2019, I flew over to Boston Logan Airport to start my second semester study abroad. Looking back at it, I would say it was probably the best decision I have ever made in my life. Just so this would not be a long-winded article, I have decided to write in bullet points.


  1. You learn at new culture and see how the education system works in a different country. Honestly, I think I would have done ten times better if I could return to Umass and re-do my exams and probably have gotten a 4.0 GPA if I worked harder and smarter. I got really confused as to how the gpa system worked and spend too much time partying and having fun.
  2. The new friends you meet and the potential significant other *wink wink. I met Ryan during my time in Umass Amherst and I think he is honestly the biggest blessing in my life and I want to make the most out of our time together in HK before he has to return to the US to collect his bags and head to California.
  3. The amazing professors you meet during your time abroad and the new way of learning, participating and discussion that really forces your shy-self outside of your comfort zone and it is really going to improve and help you in the long-run, at least for me, it helped me gain stamina and confidence in a lot of things I am doing in my life
  4. Character-building
  5. Travel around; for instance, I went to Washington DC, Miami Flora, Orlando, New York City and all the good stuff when I was abroad. Life’s so good
  6. The clear, good ol’ American accent
  7. The drunken nights, and the memories you will never forget


  1. Fomo; as defined on google dictionary as (Anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on social media.)
  2. Missing out on cheap and comfortable accommodation
  3. Feeling lonely, lost and cold on a winter’s day (especially when its always -20 degrees in the states)
  4. The annoying transportation ( I was lucky enough for Ryan to have a car to be able to drive me around)
  5. The culture shock, and the few individuals who are slightly pc and rude at times


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