About The Author

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

No, don’t quote me on this. I am giving all the credits to Oscar Wilde and WordPress for including this VERY important quote on the “About The Author" section of this page. For I cannot agree more to the mere importance and beauty of this short but important phrase. I think life is too short to be someone you’re not. I mean, I’ve been told “you’re so weird" by plenty of friends, (good kind of weird of course) Social media is both great and sad, as you scroll through social media, everyone is about looking like a replicated version of the Kardashian Jenner’s. Getting lip injections, and lipo. By all means go ahead, if by doing that, makes you happy in life, then go ahead. I bet if social media or beauty standards weren’t a thing, we would all have some originality to our style and the way we dress and how we think about certain values that are instilled in us from an early age.

I mean, i’m not even surprised that half of the general female population is trying to look like someone else on social media , but then again, if you stop and think to yourself, who am I really? (Not trying to be philosophical here, even though I am fully aware I sound very philosophical, Why do we want to spend our lives looking like someone else on social media when we can choose to look like us? We are different and we are ALL beautiful. Society may put certain standards on people, but who is society to judge? Oh right, so people are judging you, telling you that your hair ain’t poppin, or that you’re too overweight. Sure, I can choose to take constructive criticism, but I can also say; you know what, I am happy with where I am in life, so no one else should dictate my life and my well-being. Life is honestly too short to hold grudges, so let the past go, enjoy the present, and look forward to all the beautiful thing that is going to happen to you in the early future.

One aspect I think to myself a lot is, picture this: ‘ You’re 90 years old, sitting on your rocking chair, and regretting that you cared about the opinion of others because Why? Why should and do you care? Why and how should other people’s words dictate you? Because you were afraid of a strangers opinion. Not putting yourself out there when you had the chance to. Why do you care? Is the random stranger God? Are they God? Are they the almighty decider of what’s wrong and whats right in life? Are they the person that is going to pay for your rent?Are they the real down-ass homies? Well if you can’t tick the boxes that I had just provided above, then honey they really aren’t worth your time. Do not stress over these people.

Anyhow, before you read onto my posts, I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Doris Ngai, I am a sagittarius (yes that goat-man that shoots arrows around) I am born in the year 97, hashtag Thank God I am a Gen Z not a millenial baby. I am born and raised in Hong Kong but currently studying and living at the University of Manchester, UK and recently just returned home from a semester abroad exchange program. Beyond grateful for this opportunity, because I met the love of my life (Ryan; and I call him pig because he’s the smartest man I know) and some pretty amazing friends. I am also a very grateful person so I am always so glad things happen the way they do at the right time.

The reason I started this page is so that through the advancement of our technology, people can come together, on this page, talk and share amongst each other interesting life stories, experiences, dreams and passions and tips in life to make this world a better place for all.

My biggest goal in life is to accomplish great things by contributing back to society. Being a good person, do the job I love and love the job I do. Therefore, I had decided to start this website. I want to start a platform where people can learn from each other with an open-mind and an open-heart. A place where I can keep it one hundred percent real and raw with you guys, and a place we could all share our experiences with each other, making our lives easier and better.



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